Saturday, 1 November 2014

Tune Review - The Juveniles - Please Don't Change

The Juveniles, a band I have recently interviewed as part of my Local Music Showcase, have produced a music video for their song, Please Don't Change:

Its a mellow, melodic song with a light sounding guitar and soft vocals and the music video suits the sound. Again, reminiscent of old school psychadelic indie (Stone Roses, The Charlatans etc) which has made a recent comeback into the music scene. There could be many a deep and insightful meaning to the video, but overall, to me it its about friends chilling in a room playing with guitars, board games and toys, perhaps as a way of showing that its good to be young at heart and that these are the only games they enjoy playing; not the mind games that sometimes come with relationships.

After seeing the video I asked band member Mike Paul Davies about the video to see what their inspiration was for the video and song:
I wrote the song myself and its quite a personal song about things that are happening in my life at the moment. The song has a few meanings really depending on how you look at it. The way I wrote the lyrics, I'm using a girl as a way to describe it.  The girl isn't happy with her appearance and she wants to change, but its not really important to you because you appreciate her more than that.  
But it is about anything in life, everything is constantly changing and sometimes you need to step back and appreciate something at the time as time soon moves on and its forgotten about.  Also, there is nothing you can do about it, as that's what happens in life. Things change, people get old and time moves on.  So it kind of embraces that idea really. Like you want things to remain the same such like being young and playing board games with your friends for example. But you know inevitably that there is nothing you can do about growing old etc. 

That's why I wanted to do a video in the living room at my nan's house, where I currently live. The room is a bit of a time warp, as its not been changed since the 70s I don't think. Like retro type furniture and wallpaper and vinyl records etc. So it hasn't been changed at all because you feel happy and content with it.  So I wanted to try and capture that sense of something trapped in time in the video. We had a few old props in the room such as the doll and old board games as well. I tried to add some subtle effects to the video to try and make it look a bit more aged to match the feeling of the room.  
Also, unfortunately, my nan died recently and the house is up for sale so its kind of about that as well because I know that the room will end up being changed when someone buys it. Then that moment in time will be gone.
Very profound and insightful. Look like a lot of emotion went into the song and indeed the video, which, in my opinion, comes across in a big way. What do you think? Leave your comments below. 

To find out more about the Juveniles and upcoming gigs, visit the links below: 

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