Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Stoned Love

.... This Friday I am playing some records at The Little Indie Night at The Cellar Bar on City RD in #Chester ... 20 years to the day that I walked into a record shop in Manchester and bought it. 

Expect some Stone Roses ? .... Aye !!! 

Released on Dec 5th 1994, The Second Coming came five years after that album that requires no introduction whatsoever and is arguably one of the best indie albums of all time. 

The Second Coming is the one release though thats missing from my friends mahoosive Stone Roses vinyl collection? ( not that he doesn't like it .. he's seen them play live more than anyone I know, travelling worldwide on the Roses party bus ... he has it on multiple other formats it's just the album took a bit of a back seat ) The whole shabboo surrounding the roses was going around & around & around & around & around for donkeys and still is. We love them though and cant wait for the next release. Anytime soon ?

Five years is a long time in music or anything and especially if your wrapped up in legal battles concerning what you love doing surely stuff around you is going to simmer down a tad and piss the band off ?  I hear things like ... 'It wasn't as good as their first' & 'underrated',  but I for one went out and bought it as soon as I could on release date. Never had it off the record player for yonks. I was working in Manchester that day & its been going round and round ever since .......... 'from the top' ... back to the top .......... 

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