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unZined - Emily Ayre

Every once in a while you come across a musician which surprises you.. in a good way of course, a musician who sounds totally unique as well as professional and confident. Enter stage right, Emily Ayre, a solo artist from Merseyside, which like most undergoes a subtle transformation when lit by stage lights, guitar in hand and a crowd to perform to. 

What struck me about Emily when watching her perform was that she was dressed in black turning focus to her face. This in my opinion struck me as a good tactic as one of Emily's strengths when it comes to singing and performing her songs is her facial expressions emoting the songs and their stories.

The most unique aspect though was her singing style. She sang in a higher note which made people pay attention. Coupled with her fast paced, quickly sung lyrics this made for a great performance.

To find out more about Emily in general after witnessing her performance first hand I sent a few questions for her to answer, which she did and can be found below: 

Introduce and tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello! I'm Emily Ayre, I'm a solo singer-songwriter from Merseyside - I'm a college student studying Fine Art, Spanish, Theatre Studies and English lit - since the summer I’ve gigged across the Wirral in different venues, with all different types of people. Late last year I was involved in the Merseyrail Soundstation project; performing live at Moorfields station in Liverpool, I've had a lot of support from people in the local music scene, there is such a good community of extremely talented, warm people in and around Liverpool.

What artists growing up influenced you in becoming a musician yourself?

I grew up on singer songwriters like Kate Nash and Jamie T, their frank analysis of life and approach to song writing touched me and has influenced my song writing a great deal. Also, music has been a huge part of my life and singing was always something I've enjoyed.

What inspires you when writing your own songs?

I think if I could give anyone any advice about songwriting or writing in general would be to write what you know. College life and observing people close to me is my biggest inspiration for writing music. But to be honest, some of my most successful work is the music I've written has been in low points of my life, or even just times of general reflection. A lot of it is about being a teenager to be honest haha. I'm also really into satire.

Your singing style is unlike any singer I’ve heard before, which is great. Does your unique singing style come naturally or has it developed over time?

I wouldn't necessarily say developed over time but it definitely took me a long time to find my voice or find the confidence to use it to its full potential (I'm still discovering different aspects of my voice and hopefully that won't change) but I think my voice has reflected me more as I've matured not only as an artist but as a person.

What guitar do you own? 

I have a little Ibanez, she's my baby

I really enjoyed the George Ezra cover you performed. What other song covers do you like to perform & which are your favorites? 

Thanks haha! To be honest I just threw that one in because I'm having a bit of an Ezra phase at the moment! My favourite covers to perform are Dreams by Fleetwood Mac (I think it's a very emotive song) Hounds of Love by Kate Bush, Dammit by Blink-182 and Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys.

Where do you see yourself musically in a few years time?

Musically I want to continue to grow and progress as an artist and perform to more and greater audiences
What three words would you choose to describe yourself? 

Hahah um three words? Honest, Frank and insane!!

To find out more about Emily Ayre and upcoming gigs check her Facebook here

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