Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Stone Roses - Spike Island - 1990 - 25th Anniversary

25 Years ago today .. The Stone Roses played on Spike Island and it was 

erm ... 'a dead dead good day out' ... I was talking about the 'fan footage' on Sunday at the 25 years Anniversary gig which went on over in Widnes, Cheshire. 

( The Clone Roses / The Happy Mondaze / Clint Boon )

Im sure that there was someone else playing as well but anyway ( loved it !!! ) 

I was surprised to hear that even though they themselves were at Spike Island on that day, 
they'd never seen the fan footage vid on youtube.  

The Clone Roses hit the nail on the head on Sunday even appearing on stage dressed the same and coming onto the stage to the same record that the roses did on that day.

Big massive inflatable globe MK II

There are plenty of books too ... documenting The early days of The Roses 
this is my personal fav, Ive probably mentioned it a few times but well worth a purchase if you were about at the time 
or indeed even if you wasn't .... Ian Tiltons 'Set In Stone'

follow the link

More tunes by The Stone Roses ? ..................... ;)

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