Monday, 8 June 2015

unZined - Accepting April

Introducing, Accepting April, a three piece rock band from Runcorn, Cheshire, who are ready to win over the north west with their energetic style of music and songs. 

Recently they performed at our very own Little Indie Night's band night which takes place regularly in Runcorn, Cheshire. Many thanks to all who attended the night.

I look some time to send over to the band some questions to find out about the band and what drives them. See below:

Firstly, a big thank you to Accepting April for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you introduce yourselves and what you play?

Morgan - Guitar/Vocals

Ronald - Bass

Jak - Drums

How did you all meet and how did the band form?

Me and Ronald have been best buds since we were seven and we forced Jak to quit wearing wrestling tights and be in the band.

What main band/artist influences do the members have musically?

We are all really into a band called PEACE at the moment but individually:

Morgan - Sonic Youth 

Ronald - Nirvana 

Jak - Dave Grohl

How would you describe the North West music scene at the moment?

The North west movement is pretty stale and underrated, I mean it's cool to have Catfish and the Bottlemen come out of Widnes, but there are so many more unique bands unnoticed to this society. Such as ourselves. I mean doesn't it piss you off that every time you mention Liverpool they expect you to be obsessed with the Beatles, who in our opinion we despise. Come on were the north, the hardest people in Britain; rough, dirty, and born into grit, just like the music that's underrated around here.

You are currently in the studio recording new material. How’s that coming along?

We're currently half way through our very first EP due to be released in October 

You recently performed at our very own Little Indie Nights band night. With the lack of venues etc how important is it for nights like this to be hosted?

The Little Indie Night gig is the best thing to happen in Runcorn since Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. The bands you have on were sweet like the band The Cheap Thrills.

Are you looking forward to any gigs later this year?

We've got an upcoming gig in Liverpool's Zanzibar 26th June, then were of to finish our EP and be ready to explode again in September.

Where do you see Accepting April in a few years time?

Headlining Reading smashing up everything.

Finally, what three words would you choose to describe the band?

Dirty, Noisy, Tight

From Accepting Aprils Soundcloud account I chose Yoghurt to review as on first hearing it, it appealed to me. It struck me as being similar to, but not a lot, an early Foo Fighter's sound. Raw, dynamic and energetic with screaming vocals and great guitar, Accepting April's track Yoghurt ticks all the boxes if you are wanting a gritty, grungy, up tempo, 90's alt influenced rock track. 

From listening to this track and their others, you can feel a major 90s grunge/alt influence throughtout, which is good. The scene could do with a bit more of this type of music. While they still have some way to go before being a well rounded rock band, its a great taster of whats to come. If one would add criticism it would be that it seems they have chosen to  substitute deep lyrics for a more rocking sound ("you break my bones like calcium"). Nevertheless, they have made a great song here which will get many a gig jumping. Definately an up and coming band set to add some vitality to any scene which they gig in.


To find out more about Accepting April, check the links below:


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