Sunday, 8 February 2015

A word from our Sponsors

The radiators are still cranked up because its only February and it's still effin freezing, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the sun is never going to re-appear. 

It's been ace to see some of you out and about recently .... brilliant ... nice one !!!.  

We along with NKH promotions would Love to put on a Live Music Festival locally what bands would you like to see play at it ?

We are currently looking for sponsors for a little event which is confirmed for July 2015 ... The ground work is 99.9% done now ;) ( maybe you know already ? ... we are that excited about it we have let the cat out of the bag on more than a few occasions )

We have loads of people to thank already including people at the local Council but for now we are inviting local business to get involved too so if you know anyone with big pockets give them a heads up ta xxx

An event which involves a field, a big fcuk off stage and live music. 

What do you call events like that ? ... Get Involved !!!

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