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unZined - Little Indie Night - Band Night Review

28th February 2015, a date we at Little Indie Night were excited about for a long time since planning started in mid 2014. The bands and DJs performed exceptionally and the night turned out to be successful overall with a good turnout. It was a great experience to be involved in it myself along with Gareth Crilly and Iain Tinsley, who also hosts a boss unsigned talent show over at Halton Community Radio. We thank everyone who turned up to the event, Faktory Studios Chester who sponsored the night and the staff at the Bridge View Runcorn who hosted and helped out with the event.

Check out my write up of the night below:

With the stage set for the bands to perform, complete with smoke machines, projected video and lighting, the atmosphere was buzzing. First up on stage, Book for Sunday, a four piece band who have left a trail of reputation of being a exceptional indie band behind them. Heads quickly turned to the stage once they started their energetic and diverse set, complete with cover songs from Catfish and the Bottlemen's "Kathleen", Arctic Monkeys "I Bet You Look Good on the Dance floor" and The Strokes "Under Cover of Darkness". They manged to pull off these big covers as well as their own including fan favorites "I've Got You", "21" and "You", which went to show that they can produce songs that didn't sound out of place with the popular covers they played. With that said, the energetic mix of these covers as well as their own songs, they managed to keep fixed the attention of the audience and brought about a great start to the night.

Second up, Zen Project, who were featured in unZined's very first band interview, where they went one step further and made a video interview. Just like their wanting to go one step further with their interview, their set started off strong start to finish. With an array of strong vocals, stage presence, drums and guitar, they powered through their set providing the night with yet another head turning performance. David Pye's (the bands frontman) vocals, I thought were on par with the likes of James Dean Bradfield's vocals of Manic Street Preachers fame, with its strong warble, which added extra "umph" to all of their songs. With tunes such as "Bad Kind of Love", "Hart of a Lion", "Searching for Sarah" and last but not least "Revolution" they ensured the set was diverse and showcased their talent and experience. To further show their diversity, David, their singer/guitarist, switched to acoustic mid set to provide a lighter sound allowing the band to show off a different calmer side. All in all, a well sung/played set which showcased their music and provided the audience with an enjoyable performance to watch/listen to.

After a musical interlude from Gaz and Iain playing some quality tunes, the stage was set, Joe Symes and the Loving Kind took their place and prepared to wow the audience. For those who are avid followers of unZined, you will no doubt remember our recent interview with Joe Symes where we found out a bit more about the band in general. We found from the interview that they are a diverse professional sounding band with many great influences to bring to their music: indeed, upon hearing the start of the set, it was evident that what came across in the interview was true. They kicked off their set with "Long Black Funeral Cars" a fan favorite and progress through their set incorporating songs from their album "It's all Make Believe", "Blame it on Yourself" and their upcoming new single release "Things Get Better". Overall, a powerful, intense and ever-changing performance, which exhibited their experience and professional, retro sounding songs. The band finished off their set with an intense song where as the band played behind him, Joe looked out to the audience hand on mic with an intense stare. The mix of the melody and his stare created an atmosphere that sent chills, for me at least.  

Last but not least, Feed the Kid brought to the stage their five piece band, which definitely had the look to match their unique sounding psychedelic rock. Like the three previous bands, the stage presence brought by the singer was intense and very charismatic. Curtis, Feed the Kid's singer and front man, had all the charisma and poise quite alike Jim Morrison when performing, which our psychedelic projected video and smoke machine further went to cement. His sound however was uniquely his. His high well sung warble suited the music the band played perfectly and was enjoyable to listen to. The band equally as proficient as their vocalist brought forth excellent riffs, great drum rolls and backing vocals that complimented Curtis's well sung vocals. Overall, each song they played came through in volumes which gave the night a good send off and left all of us wanting more. 

To learn more about the bands involved, check out our Youtube playlist and their Facebook pages below:


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