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unZined - Scarlet

Introducing Scarlet, a female fronted five piece alternative/indie rock/pop band from all corners of Northern England. 

Since forming in 2014 the band has hit the ground running by supporting Bob Geldof's Boomtown Rats and playing the huge London based festivals, Secret Garden Party, and Hop Farm Festival in July 2014. They certainly show no signs of stopping. Already planning their debut release with EP with help from Liverpool producer and sound engineer John Murray. Read more about the band below:

The demo available to listen to on Soundcloud above sounds well produced and could no doubt be included on any album they release in the future. Whilst others have compared the band to retro 80s bands such as Siouxie and the Banshees or The Sundays, but judging by this demo alone, I reckon they sound more similar to that of Canadian band Metric with the strong female vocals, but adding their own male vocal harmony and the ever present British accent, which gives Scarlet's sound a different attitude and uniqueness. The inclusion of having different vocals singing a "round" gives body to the song and give the vocals extra "umph". The lyrics do repeat a lot, but as they are ever-changing and increase in intensity, the song doesn't get boring. Overall, a good insight as to what Scarlet can achieve song-wise and just going of this song alone I look forward to hearing their upcoming release on the 4th May. 

Jessie, the Scarlet's Lead singer and guitarist took some time to answer some questions we posed to them recently to get a better insight as to what drives Scarlet and their plans for the year ahead. Check out the interview below:

Introduce Scarlet and what you play in the band.

Scarlet are a five piece alternative indie band. We’re from St Helens, Southport, Manchester, The Wirral and Birmingham.

I (Jessie) play lead guitar and sing. Ryan Lee and Adam Cunliffe play guitars, Gianluca Rizzuto plays Bass and Conor Williams is the drummer.

How did you all meet and how did the band come to be the band it is today?

I (Jessie) met Conor and Adam at uni, we all went to Chester University. I met Ryan on twitter weirdly, and Gianluca just turned up and never left. I formed the band in February 2014 after writing and recording a load of bedroom demos and having too much time on my hands. I thought I should do something with them. 

For those who have not heard your music yet how would you describe your sound?

Everyone compares us to old bands like Blondie, Joy Division, Siouxie and the Banshees and Penetration, but I have no idea where that comes from. Then we get compared to The Sundays… remember them? An old 90s band… We have songs that are up beat that you can dance to and we also have songs that create a wall of shoe gaze sounds, that are supposed to hit you in the brain and make you feel ace… I’d say were smudgy indie pop gaze… haha made up a genre there.

You have previously supported Bob Geldof’s Boomtown Rats. What was it like to gig with them?

We had only been a band for about five months when we got the Rats gig. We were sort of quietly floating about back stage asking ‘ooh could I please have a glass of wine’, ‘am I allowed in that dressing room?’. By the end of the night, after being told by everyone all day ‘you can do what you want’, we were bagging bottles of wine and hugging Bob and the rats like we had all been mates for years. They were really nice guys. For me, supporting Bob Geldof and The Boomtown Rats will always be the proudest moment in my life. It will take a lot to make me feel as good as I felt doing that.

What has been the most memorable gig  to date?

Aside from the rats gig, for me, the most memorable gigs were when we went and played Secret Garden Party festival last summer, and we were hanging out with Wolf Alice… I got to meet The Skints and we had backstage passes everywhere and there were no rules. I loved that. We have some hilarious memories from that weekend. Most of them are thanks to Ryan, but I won’t embarrass him by giving you an example.

We played a gig in a place called ‘Under Bar’ in Blackpool too and we went in not knowing what to expect. Everyone was mad for us and throwing themselves around. We got our first encore and half way through it I looked at Gian and he was playing his bass on the floor and Ryan was standing on the body of his guitar pulling the neck towards him. It was hilarious and none of us have any idea what happened, it was just such a good gig. 

The release of your new EP is coming up on the 4th May. What can we expect and how does it differ from previous releases?

We've never really properly released anything.  We put a couple of the Demos I made on soundcloud and did a little test run of a single, which we didn't release properly at all. So this time around, I'm trying to do it properly. Organised and planned rather than ‘oooh lets put this song on soundcloud and see if anyone thinks its good’ haha.

The EP is our first statement. Its how we felt in our first year put into music I guess. Although my lyrics tend to be a little morbid and gloomy and our first year was a lot of fun.

What does 2015 have in store for Scarlet?

In 2015 I just want to carry on gigging and writing new songs, and carry on improving. Hopefully, we will get the chance to play some awesome festivals. We have a few exciting things which we can’t tell you about just yet, but I can say that a second EP is definitely on its way.

What three words would you choose to describe Scarlet?

Three words to describe Scarlet… Uncool Mushy Noise 

Scarlet's new EP "Fishes" is available for pre-order now. click the picture below to get your copy:

& to find out more about Scarlet, click the links below:

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