Saturday, 28 March 2015

unZined - Liz Owen

Liverpool and indeed the North West is rife with amazing young talent and its a privilege to be able be involved in such an amazing scene.

There are those however, that stand out of the already talented crowd. One in particular was Liz Owen, singer/songwriter from Liverpool. I came across her whilst attending an EP launch for another solo artist.

It was evident from hearing her first song and then on the entire set, that she was a unique and strong solo artist with a mature sounding vocal style full of emotion and conviction. Helped along with her well played guitar skills, her songs moved the audience as I noticed all conversation had died as she sang her songs. 

Liz recently helped answer a mini-interview I prepared for her to help us better understand herself as a musician and what influences her. Check out the interview below:

What has been the biggest inspiration which encouraged you into becoming a musician yourself?

I picked up the guitar as a 13 year old girl who decided it would be cool to be a guitarist, so it began more as a childish fantasy of looking like a rockstar. I then just fell in love with the instrument and haven't looked back since.

Which song is your personal favorite to play at any gig?

I love playing my instrumental "Back And Forth". It's fun and bouncy to play and the crowd always seems pleasantly surprised by it.

What inspires you when writing your songs?

It sounds corny but everything. Absolutely everything. Whether it's something someone's said, a story I've heard, my experiences or those of someone close to me - if it's touched me in some way, it will probably find a way of creeping into my music.

What guitar do you own?

I own two beautiful guitars; a Vintage V400 MP and the Vintage VE2000DLX.

What your favorite music guilty pleasure?

I've just scrolled through my Spotify playlist for the weirdest things I can find in there; I've got some Dubstep, some Marilyn Manson, and I've recently been listening to Russian oktavists, their voices are amazing!

Are you looking forward to any gigs later this year?

I look forward to all my gigs! I've just played Bridgewater Hall, Manchester and The Liverpool Philharmonic supporting Joan Armatrading which was incredibly inspirational, and now I'm looking forward to playing "Midday Melody" at St. Margarets Vicarage in Liverpool on 18th April, it will be a lovely outdoor afternoon event in the Spring sun. I'm also looking forward to playing at View Two Gallery, Liverpool on 24th April and Studio2, Liverpool on 15th July. I've also got a slot on the acoustic stage at SOS Festival in Manchester on 19th July where I'll hopefully get a glimpse of the excellent former Iron Maiden frontman Blaze Bayley do his thing! 

Where do you see yourself musically in a few years time?
I have no idea! There's a lot of uncertainty with choosing music as a career. I know where I'd like to be and I'm pretty sure that's where all other musicians would like to be too! Within myself I'd like to be a better songwriter and an improved vocalist and guitarist. It doesn't matter how much I learn, I always know I can improve.

Do you have any advice for any solo acoustic musicians who are looking at following the same path as you?

Never give in, always strive for perfection, and play and continue to do so because you're in love with what you do. If it still gives you pleasure then do it.

What three words would you choose to describe your style and sound?

Passionate, Earthy and I'll leave the last one up to you!


unZined, an offshoot of Little Indie Night, a night aimed at hosting what is becoming one of the best live music events in the Northwest, has been given free run to find local talent, find out a bit more about what makes them tick and spread the word around to promote local music. If you are interested in being featured or know of any musicians/bands, contact us here or email Mal at GET INVOLVED

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