Saturday, 29 August 2015

unZined Introduces - Bandito Rey


Davy Murphy - Guitar/keys/FX
Jams Ward - Drums
Dave Copley - Bass

Ioan Llewelyn - Vocals 
Collectively, they are known as Bandito Rey, a self described experimental, electronic and alternative band from the North West, England. They state on their website they have a wide range in style and to showcase this, they have release two previous songs "Laag" and "Come on Baby". Their influences include Aphex Twin, Radiohead, Morrisey and Massive Attack. 
"Bandito Rey name was put together by Murphy speaking to his partner (Corinne) about band names. Murphy's  who's own amp is called a Peavy 112 Bandit and their former band's singer was in a band called the "The Bandits". Bandito is Spanish for bandit and Rey means king also in Spanish.
Bandito Rey recently has introduced a professional looking website to make it easier for their audience to keep updated and have released a single, "Juicy Fruit".

Their third music release interestingly enough called "Juicy Fruit" starts off with a chewy simple bass line and accompanying synth and then ups the tempo with some fast drums and a clever simple guitar riff. Shortly, after a quick intro the vocals step up to the mark with meaty sounding guitars and bass. Added to by synth in the background this song quickly and evidently becomes a well produced and played song.  Towards the end it simplifies the intensity like the intro before building it up again with vocals and guitar and a sudden finish. All in all, its a very professional and enjoyable song. Having already produced two strong releases previously, they have surpassed themselves with a great release and I will watch avidly for further singles, or hopefully an album in the future.

Bandito Rey - Juicy Fruit

Learn about Bandio Rey, their upcoming gigs and releases at the links below:

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