Wednesday, 19 August 2015

unZined - The Six Thirties - From the Get Go

We at unZined previously featured this up and coming band on our blog in December 2014. The Six Thirties at the time they didn't have much recorded material, but from the rehearsal footage, it got me excited for what they could produce if given the change. 

It seems they did have the chance and have released a well produced, upbeat, power house of a song called From the Get Go.

The song starts off with a nice riff which sets the scene. You can imagine being in the crowd watching as they play this riff, which as you listen builds up the atmosphere. In come the bass and drums, not a lot, but enough to build it up. There's a definite Smiths influence there in the riff I think. As the song breaks into the verse it cranks up the tempo and brings in the vocals. It's a well written song; one you'd expect to be written by a well known American rock band along the lines of Saving Abel or something. The chorus comes in and its got catchy unique memorable lyrics. The only criticism I have however, is that with the song being an upbeat rock number, the vocals fall short of being punchy and loud. In any future release, backing vocals could make a big difference, which could enhance the song loads.

Overall, its a great release, one that gives you a taste of what the band can do and where they are headed musically. I enjoyed it and look forward to future releases and possibly seeing them live at one of their future gigs. Check it out below:

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