Saturday, 8 August 2015

unZined Introduces - The Haze

The Haze are a four-piece band from Liverpool who dub themselves as being "English Contemporary Blues/Rock/Pop. The members of the band are;

Kevin Walsh Jnr on Vocals & Rhythm Guitar

Shea McChrystal on Bass & Backing Vocals

Sean Walshy on Lead Guitar &Backing Vocals

Alan Phillips on Percussion & Backing Vocals 

"Kevin Walsh Jnr: The band first got together in a youth centre when I was 17, naturally I asked my brother Sean to join me and asked if he knew of any drummers, as apparently they are the hardest member to find for a band. It just so happened his best mate, Alan, was a drummer and we took it from there really. Eventually, we was introduced to Shea through a friend and then everything fell into place. Thats our line up."

Their influences are as diverse as you get ranging from Crowded house, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys, Oasis and loads more.

The band seem to be in recent months ramping up their efforts when it comes to putting it across they are a devoted band who mean business. Already they have started to play further afield, get professional photos taken and are making music videos to go with their music, which will give them a bigger audience through Youtube. I had the pleasure to see them live not so long back when they supported The Jackobins and from that set it could be seen they have potential and can go far with efforts such as these.

Am I the Only One is my pick from the songs available by The Haze. From the word Go the song packs a punch with its great heavy driven guitar and well spaced lead. The backing vocal, adds a retro feel to the song and give the song an extra dimension. Overall, its a well produced song which showcases their talent and energy, which will no doubt start to get them noticed should the right people hear it.

You can find more about The Haze here:

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