Saturday, 3 January 2015

unZined - Junior Dayvis

Junior Dayvis is a well renouned musician in the local music scene, showing up at open mic nights and even hosting his own. Hes's familiar face which is at the forefront of local music in Halton and is probably the reason some pick up a guitar and sing themselves.

Whilst his music career started out as a duo (more information from the man himself below) it can be said he is more than comfortable as a solo artist, versatile in someways to incorporate other singers and musicians when he performs at open mic nights.

Such local talent needs to be recognised. To find out more I posed some questions to him to get more information on what he is all about. Check out his interview below..

Introduce yourself and what makes you tick.

I'm Junior Dayvis, a singer/songwriter who has been influenced by calypso, reggae, rock, indie. Basically, music.

What first made you pick up a guitar and want to perform on stage? Give us a brief history of what you have done musically over the years.

I formed a band in the nineties called Jumada. We did two sell out gigs at the then ICI which is now called the Pavilions. I've been in a duo Darnell for 20 years. We do the occasional gig. As Darrell, we have come close to being signed but circumstances didn't go in our favour. We live on. At the moment I'm running open mics and looking for gigs and still writing  and playing  guitar for some local singers

What is the song writing process for any original songs you perform?

To be frank I don't listen to music. I write on instinct and home I feel I follow no rules if writing music. I just write how it comes out.

Wherever there is an open mic or band night you are there. What made you want to get involved in the local music scene and why?

Halton is full of young talent. Open mics is a good place to start to build confidence in performing live. 

Here is a well made video of one of Junior's songs Negativity.

Check out Junior Dayvis's Facebook Page here

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