Saturday, 24 January 2015

Spike Island - The Stone Roses - 25 years to the day ( well near enough )

Were you at Spike Island ? That Sunset Sunday on the Mersey estuary 25 years ago this May? I was ... and along with 26,999 others can't remember too much about it. Millions of people have attended the Stone Roses reunion gigs over the last few years and god only knows how many people would want to descend upon little ole Spike Island itself if a "real reunion" was announced. 

This is strictly limited to 500 people and I for one cannot wait to kick back come sunset with 'She bangs the drums' played by who are, The Stone Roses number one tribute band. 

( insert here the first chords of I wanna be adored )

 As you can imagine tickets have already started disappearing. See you there xxx 

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