Monday, 26 January 2015

unZined - Wasteland Paradise

School formed bands are becoming a more frequent occurrence in recent years. With the encouragement from music lessons and it's teachers, hope, talent and encouragement is given to many, which leads them to form music bands or go solo. Wasteland Paradise from Runcorn formed this way and have been gigging ever since. 

With influences from classic indie through to modern day indie, classic rock and more affecting their music style and performance, Wasteland Paradise's future looks promising. They incorporate original songs with many covers from their favorite bands in their sets, including  Kings of Leon, Stereophonics, The Who and many more. With a wide range in music covers they are bound to please any crowd they perform for.

They recently sat down and pondered over an interview I sent to them asking questions which any potential fan needs to know and to introduce themselves to the masses. They went a step further and send us a video of their responses. Big thanks to Wasteland Paradise! With always going the extra mile they are bound to be a step ahead of the rest.
Check out their interview below:

To find out more about Wasteland Paradise and to follow their progress, keeping up to date with upcoming gigs check out their social media below:

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