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unZined - The Spitting Pips

There's a band making waves at the moment, forging their way and making their name known to the public all across the North West. The Spitting Pips are going from strength to strength and the band doesn't show any signs of stopping. Supporting Oasis UK, the nations number one tribute act for Oasis at the Tivoli on the 6th February, is a major step in the right direction, giving them the promotion they need to be well known throughout the north west. 

With a collection of well rounded and rocking tunes performed in their own style, they are sure to accomplish their goals when it comes to spreading their fan base. Having taken a big influence by late 80s/early 90s indie and also incorporated their own, The Spitting Pips bring to the audience a unique sound, but familiar enough for any long standing and new fan of old school indie rock. You can check out my review of their latest EP "Acid Rock" here.

Firstly, a big thank you to The Spitting Pips for taking the time to answer our questions. Can you introduce the band and what you play?

Alright people, we are The Spitting Pips based in Rhyl, North Wales.

Zack - Vocals/Guitar

Cameron - Guitar

Jolliffe - Drums

Woody - Bass

You have stated online your genre is Acid Soul Rock and Roll, which apart from a good sounding catchphrase, is a rarely heard of genre these days. What made you choose that direction with your music?

We chose to name and put ourselves under our own colourful genre of 'Acid Soul Rock n Roll' because we didn't wanna categorize ourselves into something instantly recognizable & mundane. We have a good mixture of influences, musical and non musical related, to us it seems to capture our sound, our personalities and the people who can relate to us.

The direction of our music is something that just came naturally, as we all buzz off the same tunes, we all knew how it was going to start and where it was going to go.

Give us the story on how you all met and formed the band.

We met through the music scene, school and friends, we have all been best mates for a long time. 

We had been talking about starting something for a good year before we finally got into a practice space. 

We would chill at Zack's flat, grab the acoustics, tambourine, and just go over ideas, then as soon as we started playing in a room together that was it, we knew we had something and we were all hooked.

What is the story behind your decision to name the band The Spitting Pips?

The words came out, 'The Spitting Pips' and it just stuck instantly.

The name, we guess we felt it captured our personalities as four lads, its rough around the edges, and could be perceived in many different ways.

Where it came from doesn't matter, its what people make of it themselves that matters.

What main band/artist influences does each band member bring to The Spitting Pips, which make the band what it is?

To be honest we don't really like naming the bands that we dig as it makes it easier for people to dissect us, we leave that to the journalists, but we will always give a shout out to Anton Newcombe of The Brain Jonestown Massacre, his creativity, persistence and insanity will give us the drive and hope we need to carry on what we're doing for a long time. 

This is a tough question, one that requires a bit of thought. What three words would you choose to describe the band?

For - The - People

After listening to your two tracks via Soundcloud, there is definitely a 90's psychedelic indie sound to the music as played originally by bands such as The Charlatans, Oasis etc. Did that sound come naturally or was it a chosen genre path for the band from the start?

I think that particular sound comes from being real working class lads, writing real songs and living Britain.

We never sat down and said we are going to write this way or 'Oh no' don't put that bit in there, it doesn't sound a certain way, we just write tunes and they come out the way they do. 

The two songs released for your EP are very up-tempo and catchy. Can we expect more like these tunes in future EP releases and albums?

They were the first two songs we wrote, we now have about 3 albums worth of material, so I guess all we can say is... You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

Who writes the songs you perform and what’s the song writing process?

We all bring different ideas to the table, sometimes a full song, other times a simple riff... we sit around, have a beer, a smoke and then it seems to come together really easily. 

Are you looking forward to any gigs later this year?

We have shows all the the UK coming up, Liverpool, Manchester, Cardiff but we do have one in London, which right now we can not release any information about, but it really is going to be a milestone in our careers.

Is there anyone you'd like to acknowledge for helping out with the band? 

We would definitely like to thank Keith Jolliffe, Katherine Benbow & Cooking Soup, they have helped us out massively! 

Do you have any advice for any local bands starting out on the music scene?

Be yourself.

Where do you see The Spitting Pips in a few years time?

Okay, let me try and be level headed here... playing Festivals? Touring the world? Driving a brown Rolls Royce?! Ha!

We don't know the future, but all we can say is, its started fast, its going fast and it ain't stopping anytime soon. 

This is for the people. Lets Av It!

I've reviewed their latest EP "Acid Rock" which you can check out in my separate blog post here.

Want to learn more about The Spitting Pips? Check out their social media below for updates on tours, releases and more.

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